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Your car is indicating something is wrong…

When an unusual light appears on the dash and stays on while the vehicle is running, it means that the onboard computer / ECU has detected a problem with one of the systems that control the vehicle. The problem may be something minor but it could be something more serious and we have the tools to check things over.

Diagnosing the Fault

Our diagnostic machine may not solve the problem straight away but we use it as a process of elimination until the problem is resolved.

We will connect our diagnostic tools directly to your vehicles computer which will send us the trouble codes enabling us to see why the light was activated

While our Diagnostic tools are connected to your vehicle, we can also check idle speed, throttle response, engine temperature, fuel pressure, exhaust emission levels and other key indicators.

While we rely on the computer to direct us to a problem, the skills of our trained technicians cannot be overlooked. With years of experience and knowledge our trained mechanics will work alongside the computer to thoroughly diagnose and correct any problems.

What if the light comes on, but my vehicle is still running ok?

The beauty of these warning lights is that they can be warning you of a problem before they grow into a more serious expensive problem.

Not every problem gives you obvious indications (hard starting, loss of power, stalling, etc.) that something is wrong.

Our message to you is to get it checked by our team at the earliest opportunity

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