Service and Repair

Service and Repairs

Here at cottage garage we offer a large range of services and repairs ranging from checkups, replacing batteries right up to clutch and flywheel replacement. We have a range of skilled mechanics with many years of experience and knowledge ready to help with anything your vehicle needs.

We only use genuine or O.E quality guaranteed car parts as we like to ensure we are providing the customer with the best possible parts available.

Continue reading for a taster of the repairs and services we offer.



Collection and Delivery

We off a collection and delivery service within the local area. Why not call and ask for our customer care package? We will collect your vehicle from your home or workplace to suit your circumstances.

Best of all - this service is free! 

Warranty Package

Cottage Garage, having supplied and fitted your parts, will give a full 12 month or 12000 miles guarantee (whichever comes first) on all parts fitted. 


This gives us the ability to identify and then maintain/replace effected parts. Correct parts will then be efficiently sorted, ordered and fitted, saving time and money.

Safety Checks

Safety checks are carried out on every service and repair

Brakes and Suspension

A must for your car safety, performance, MOT. Ask one of our skilled mechanics for a quote.

Exhaust System

Exhausts play a major part in your car efficiency and can lead to major problems if not maintained. We will test, repair and replace as required.

Engine and Gearbox

This can be a very expensive failure, if not maintained. For repairs and replacements by our specialist team ask for a competitive quote.


A safety MOT must. Can cause unnecessary inconsistent wear. Have them checked, WHEEL BALANCED, replaced now to save you money.

We stock a selection of tyres to meet your requirements/budget.

Clutch Replacement

This too plays a major part in car efficiency. We will maintain or replace clutches on demand.

Battery Test and Replacement

It is imperative to fit the correct battery. Ask one of our team for the correct bettery for your vehicle.


We have our apprenticeship served welder for all your MOT, bodywork repairs. Please phone for a quote.

Fleet Maintenance

We have a number of fleet maintenance contracts and we have the capacity to take on more. We look forward to hearing from you.

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